Best in Shows

Much missed

Mad Men

Our Sunday nights aren't the same since that little smile lit up Don Draper's face, and his greatest idea concluded the series. Daily reruns on DirecTV's Audience Channel remind us of the series which has thus far set the standard for 21st century U.S. television.

Outstanding Game/Panel Show

What's My Line? (CBS)

Class. Sophistication. Good manners. A bizarre take on the role of women in society. At 10:30PM on Sundays in the 1950's and '60's, millions of Americans enjoyed a genteel parlor game.

Outstanding Import

Foyle's War (PBS)

This period detective drama renders with unique historical accuracy the WWII and early Cold War era setting. Michael Kitchen's brilliant portrayal of Christopher Foyle captures forever the timeless values of his character's generation.


Timeless Comedy

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson


Carson's personality was perfectly suited for the TV medium. He was never smug, and never acted superior to part of the population. Today's late night hosts should go to school on his reruns.


Professor T (PBS Masterpiece, an Amazon Prime channel)

This Belgian police drama (with English subtitles) may be the best show you've never seen. Three seasons, all with standalone classic mystery twists, and a fascinating lead character (played by Koen De Bouw) you'll not soon forget. 

Hold the Sunset (Amazon Prime)


Catch season two of this BBC comedy with John Cleese and Alison Steadman plus a top tier supporting cast including Jason Watkins, Joanna Scanlan, and Anne Reid. Produced by Humphrey Barclay.

New Tricks (Hulu)


A cross between a light detective drama and a "cold case" based procedural, this early 2000's Brit hit is just what you need as a respite from the humorless darkness that imbues too much 21st century television.

"Relatable" Politics


Media politics plays by the same rules as media entertainment. Entertain the audience, and evoke their empathy.

Our 2016 editorial on the subject is still here for you to read. Like the great TV shows of yesteryear, renewal of President Trump's ongoing cavalcade of MAGA remains in the hands of the viewing audience.